Stickdog Pedigree

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The Stick Dog Pedigree is useful as a tool to improve the traits of conformation. It allows breeders to see the strengths and weaknesses of each ancestor in a pedigree. The logic underlying this pedigree is that each individual is represented as a stick figure rather than a name and title. Each ancestor is drawn as a stick figure with seven structural parts: ears, head, neck, front, back, rear and tail. Each body part is color coded for its quality based on the breed Standard. Coding is straight forward. For example, if the ears of the sire were correct based on the breed standard, they would be coded blue; if they could be improved they would be coded black. If they were faulty they would be coded red and if they were a serous fault or a disqualification they would be coded grey. Thus, the color-coding of each ancestor identifies quality or lack thereof.

Codes Rank For Quality
Blue Correct based on breed standard
Black Could be improved
Red Is a fault
Grey A serious fault or disqualification
Circle/green Missing information

Notice how the Stick Dog Pedigree shows the strengths and weaknesses of each ancestor and which ancestors have not been color coded for their qualities or lack thereof.

Stick Dog Pedigree Chart

One of the advantages of pedigree analysis is the ability for breeders to “formula breed” and when information is misting go to a method known as “breeding-up.

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