The following health related information is intended to raise awareness levels, not to prescribe medical treatment or offer self-diagnosis. Responsible breeders should be aware and informed about a wide range of health concerns. For example, the dreaded diseases are those that can kill, cripple, and cause early death or blindness. One such dreaded disease is Bloat which affects many breeds and has a lifetime likelihood of 24% in large-breed show dogs and 21.6% in giant-breed show dogs. Other studies show the mortality rate from 10% to 33%. The high incidence of this disease coupled with a high mortality rate makes it a dreaded disease. Bell reported that Great Danes have the highest average life time risk at 42.4%. Other health related articles include the risks for other disorders. The Long-Term Health Risks Associated with Spay/Neuter has more than 50 peer-reviewed papers which assess the health issues of spay & neutered dogs and the many risks.

Reported Risks Associated with Spay, Neuter

Gonadectomy, or neutering, is a very common surgery for dogs having many positive effects on behavior, health, and longevity. There are also certain risks associated with neutering including the development of orthopedic conditions, cognitive decline, and a predisposition to some neoplasias. This study was designed specifically to identify if a correlation exists between neuter status and inherited conditions in a large aggregate cohort of dogs representing many different breeds.

Why three Pedigrees

The term pedigree is an old word derived from the French "pie de grue", meaning crane's foot. After more than six centuries, the tradition of using the pedigree continues to be the primary breeding tool of breeders based on the logic that when the frequency of a trait or disease occurs among several the ancestors it signals that something is likely to be heritable.

Early Spay/Neuter

Given its popularity and vulnerability to various cancers and joint disorders breeders and owners should not rush into spay and neuter without understanding the health risks. This article documents the many risks associated with it.


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