Choosing The Best Puppy

Dr. Carmen Battaliga's Choosing The Best Puppy Extended Version Seminar on DVD




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Ever wonder why most of the best dogs that WIN aren't owned by their breeders? In an unpublished study we learned that their breeders have not learned HOW to choose the best puppy. Too many are selected based on expression, personality, color, coat texture or size. Each of these traits gives them a special appeal when they are young but as they grow and develop these traits change. Learn about choosing puppies with the method called "From the Bottom-up"

This special edition DVD contains the "Early Neurological Stimulating Exercises" Bonus feature. Breeders will learn how to stimulate the neurological system of their puppies between 3 and 16 days of age. Breeders who use this technique have reported great success in the development of their puppies.