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Dear Reader

Your requests and suggestions have been implemented. Upgrades and enhancements were used in every aspect of the site. Let me know what you think.  

Health and Genetics

The following is intended to raise awareness levels, not to prescribe treatment.

Rotate Your Proteins

Rotating the source of protein can strengthen your dog’s immune system. Breeders and owners can do this by simply changing the protein source each time they buy a bag of dog food. For example, if the last bag of dog food was “chicken and rice”, the next bag should be lamb or salmon etc. In humans we rotate our sources of protein all day every day.

Stick Dog Pedigree Software

stickdog pedigree software dvdThis software produces three pedigrees:

  1. Traditional pedigree with names, titles and certifications
  2. Stick Dog Pedigree which codes seven structural traits of conformation
  3. Symbols Pedigree which codes health, dreaded diseases and special traits of interest.

A User Manual provides step by step instructions. A 30 day FREE trial is offered.


We have reported this problem and our readers Sais in tell us more. Honeybees are the critical pollinators for much of the world’s food crops. which includes nuts, fruits and vegetables. These pollinators make an astounding 35% of global food production. They are dying at an alarming rate. Nearly 1/3 of our food supply is in danger. Unfortunately the number honeybee colonies have declined by over 42% in the US. Only a few of the major retailers are removing bee killing pesticides from their store shelves. More than 20 states have passed measures to limit or ban neonicotinoids. Dog breeders, kennel owners and shelters that spray pesticides need to check to see if they are using bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. Neonicotinoid pesticides are the leading contributor behind the bee colony collapse.

Live Seminars

Learn about two new seminars: You can see and listen to a synopsis about each seminar when you click their links.

  1. Structure, Movement and Pedigree Analysis - The focus is on learning how to recognize good structure and movement and how to teach your hands to see what your eyes can’t. A demonstration shows how to code structure in your pedigrees.
  2. Making of a Super Dog - the focus is on how to produce outstanding dogs that are smarter, more trainable, have stronger heart beats, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease.  Both seminars include the use of nutrition, the maternal influence, and management techniques.

Video Seminars

Choosing the Best Puppy Seminar on DVDChoosing the Best Puppy. One study showed that over 60% of the top-winning dogs in most breeds were not owned by their breeders. The reasons given were a lack of skill and know-how. This skill remains the most important of the eight breeder skills. Many of the best ways to choose puppies and reduce errors in now available on DVD



Tips for New and Expecting Litters

  1. Early Neurological Stimulation
  2. Nutrition and DHA
  3. Early Puppy Training

Low Calorie diets - longer life for dogs

Recent studies found that dogs would age less and live nearly two years longer if they eat less. The 14-yearlong study involved 48 Labrador Retrievers from seven litters. Dogs were paired off, with one fed 25 % less than its siblings starting at 8 weeks of age. The thinner dogs lived for a median 13 years and had fewer diseases compared to their all-you-can eat partners, which lived for a median 11.2 years. Scientists have long known that calorically restricted rodents live up to 40% longer than usual. One theory is that coloric restriction causes metabolic shifts that affect the rate of aging by slowing down some of the metabolic processes that cause cell damage that leads to disease. The same effect is likely to hold for humans,

Continuing Education

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Keys to Success

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