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In the Know #61

Gonadectomy, or neutering, is a very common surgery for dogs having many positive effects on behavior, health, and longevity. There are also certain risks associated with neutering including the development of orthopedic conditions, cognitive decline, and a predisposition to some neoplasias. This study was designed specifically to identify if a correlation exists between neuter status and inherited conditions in a large aggregate cohort of dogs representing many different breeds.

In the Know #54

Newsletter #54 includes topics such as rotating your proteins, your dogs pedigree and how to improve it using Stickdog Pedigree Software, pesticides, live and recorded seminars, tips for litters, and extending your dogs life.

In the Know #53

This newsletter talks about Health & Genetics, signs that your dog need a vet, pedigrees, puppies, a chance to win, pesticides, new seminars, GMO's, and how to prolong your dogs life through their diet

In the Know #52

Dog owners and the public need to know about HR 1599 which will soon be voted on by your US Senators. This law specifically states that foods and products containing GMO do not have to be labeled.  According to the legislators you will no longer have the right to know what you, your children or your dog will be eating.

In the Know #51

Virus H3N2 Strikes

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine reported at least 1,000 dogs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana affected with the virus (H3N2) which is believed to have come from Asia. An older strain (H3N8) has also been detected. Both viruses cause persistent cough, runny nose and fever in dogs. The H3N2 infection has been associated with some deaths. If you see these symptoms contact your veterinarian.

In the Know #50

Health Tips: Dog owners - try watermelon and juice up after a show or workout. Guzzling some water after a show or workout with watermelon pays off. ! High levels of L-citrulline, and amino acid aids in muscle soreness and heart-rate recovery, according to a new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It also packs lycopene, and antioxidant that protests against certain kinds of cancer.

In the Know #49

New Stickdog pedigree software incorporates and supports heritable kinds of information. The full feature software makes it simple to enter the names, titles and certifications of each ancestor. Data entered and saved you can be viewed and printed your pedigrees and review intended matings. The software automatically generates two other pedigrees (Stick Dog and Symbols pedigree) for advanced pedigree analysis. One of the new features allows the user to see the strengths and weaknesses of each ancestor. With this kind of information breeders can begin to breed by direction rather than chance.

In the Know #47

Over the past ten years improvements in health have shed light on the “Dreaded Diseases” which are those that cripple, kill, and cause early death or blindness. Bloat is a dreaded disease with a lifetime risk of 24% in large-breed show dogs and 21.6% in giant-breed show dogs.

In the Know #46

The following information is intended to raise awareness levels, not to prescribe medical treatment or offer self diagnosis. Responsible breeders should be aware of these health concerns and try to eliminate them.