How to Share a Pedigree

If you wish to share a pedigree with another user that also has the Stickdog Pedigrees software follow the instructions provided here.

  1. Start StickDog program, open your Dog Directory.
    how to share a pedigree image1
  2. Choose a pedigree to export by selecting a dog in the directory list. In this example we’ll export the pedigree for "Van Cleves MOJO v Cedar Knoll."
    how to share a pedigree image2
  3. With the correct dog selected in the directory, click File | Export.
    how to share a pedigree image3
  4. The Export dialog appears.
    how to share a pedigree image4
  5. If necessary, restrict the number of generations to include in the export by adjusting the "Number of Generations" setting. In this example, we’ll export three generations.
    how to share a pedigree image5
  6. Click Export. The “Save As” dialog appears. Enter the name of the file to export. In this example, we’ll name the file "MOJOs Pedigree."
    how to share a pedigree image6
  7. Click Save. A new StickDog database file is written to disk containing only the dogs that are members of MOJO’s pedigree, back three generations. Analog: Your StickDog database is like a Word document with many pages, where each page is all the details about one dog. When you export, you export only those pages of corresponding to dog members of the selected pedigree, to create a smaller document with select pages.
  8. To confirm the new pedigree specific database file was created, click File|Open and you should see the file in the Open diaglog (assuming the exported file was saved to you default StickDog directory).
    how to share a pedigree image7
  9. You can now attach this file in an email and share it.