30 Day Free Trial Peroid

After initial installation, the application will run in evaluation mode. Evaluation mode imposes the following restrictions:

  • Application use is limited to a 30-day trial period after which a valid license code must be entered to continue using the application.
  • Print functionality is disabled.

Each time the application is launched, the Evaluation dialog is displayed indicating the number of days left in the trial period. The trial period begins when the application is started for the first time after initial installation. To use the application in evaluation mode click Continue Evaluation. Note that this option will be disabled after 30 days and that reinstalling the software will not reset the trial period.

To remove the aforementioned restrictions, the software must be activated using a valid license code. After activation, the Evaluation dialog will no longer appear each time the application is started. For instructions on how to activate the software, see section "How to Activate the Software" below for more information.